Scarlett & Jo- Company review

It felt only fitting that my first blog article for the Love Local Site was about an amazing company based here in the UK.

Scarlett & Jo are a clothing brand for sizes 10-32. Just the size range is impressive enough. You don’t find many companies making clothing for all sizes. But Scarlett & Jo do just that.

If like me you feel that when your out clothes shopping, you tend to find that plus size clothing is plain, boring and they appear thrown together. Just because a person is of plus size, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look pretty and feel amazing.

I first came across Scarlett & Jo on Facebook. They have this amazing page sharing images, fun posts. You’ll also find that they are a very interactive company and message people back as soon as they can and also interact with comments. This is a key step in keeping your customers happy and keep them coming back to visit your page. I personally spend while checking back on their page.

The models are of all shapes and sizes and each very beautiful. With perfectly applied makeup and smiles that go from ear to ear. But with what they are wearing who can blame them. No more feeling under dressed or plain. Its time to get those compliments rolling in, and with this brand they will be coming in thick and fast.

Each dress is stylish and full of character. If dresses told stories these would be amazing. From neutral to floral patters the choices are endless with many styles to browse. They don’t just have dresses, there are other clothing items available too.

In 2016 this amazing company won best designer at the British Plus size awards, and most outstanding achievement 2016. This company appears to be going from strength to strength and gaining the recognition they deserve.

When Scarlett & Jo share images and little stories from their customers on their page you can’t help but smile. Seeing how happy an item of clothing can make these ladies feel. With the sizes available too they explain how confident they feel and that the clothing makes them look and feel on top of the world.

My favourite dress has to be the Sweetheart starlet 2-in-1 dress. The model in the photo is the beautiful George and she’s a size 18 and stand at 5’6″. You will find that the information of the models is added to the description of each photo. Showing a model of each size and height so customers get an idea of how they may look in the dress. The models always look incredible, each dress or other clothing item, compliments each and every model or customer. No matter the size.

Looking for something to wear, then this is a company to check out. Wether your going for a meal, Have a ball to attend, maybe your heading off to a wedding. you’ll find something you want. you can even find dresses you can wear daily to work or at home. You can see the thought they have put into creating this range. I read a post a while back about a lady who couldn’t find a wedding dress she really liked, and she came across Scarlett & Jo and she found the dress of her dreams. You could even scan the website for a dress for prom. There is a lot of choice, yet you don’t feel spoiled. Who knew you could have so much fun browsing a website and a Facebook page?

Even though this isn’t a local company, they are still online and here in the UK.

Their website is http://www.scarlett& – If you get the time go and check them out. I highly recommend you read the About us section first to get a good feel about how the company came about.

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