Meet Peter Rabbit

Looking through Facebook at friends posts i came across some photos of a family and their friends at a park. A few photos in inparticular caught my eye, as sitting next to a little boy in twin buggy was a rabbit.

Yes you read correctly a rabbit.

With permission from the rabbits owner Stevie-Rose Delaney, I’m ok to share images and some information about this beautiful little rabbit called Peter.


Peter isn’t just your ordinary rabbit. He is a giant velvet Rex pedigree and his owner Stevie says “his fur is just velvet Not like fur”

Peter is 11 months old and a really big boy. A character all on his own.


Peter is so tame that he allows his family to dress him up in little hoodies.

Peter lives with Stevie-Rose Delaney and Myles Delaney and their children Cody, Madison, Mylo and Loki. Not forgetting their dog Holly , two other rabbits called Thumper and George and a cat called Sassy in a nice family home in Helmshore Lancashire. Peter was the last edition to the family and was warmly welcomed.


This is Mylo with one of his grey bunnies. Mylo has 2, Thumper and George who Mylo takes care of. These are his own and act in a very positive and therapeutic way for Mylo. He has his own routine for feeding, cleaning and playing with his bunnies.

Stevie and Myles got two bunnies for Mylo to assist him therapeutically, Mylo loved his bunnies until 1 awful day. Stevie and Myles found that Mylo’s 2 bunnies had been stolen leaving Mylo distraught. They hunted all over for them. Shared posts on social media and had friends and family involved in helping to find them. Everyone who knows the family understands why Mylo had the rabbits. But to some heartless individual, they didn’t care. The rabbits were found by a passer by and unfortunately one rabbit had lost its life with the other staying very close to their deceased sibling refusing to leave their side. While sitting out one day Stevie and Myles were both talking, Mylo sitting on the step. Stevie and Myles both then suddenly heard Mylo laughing and turned to see Mylo holding a different bunny. A bunny they have since called George. When looking to see who had given mylo this bunny over the fence, the person had vanished. Some kind stranger had read the story of how the two bunnies were taken and one didn’t make it and took it upon themselves to anonymously give them a rabbit for Mylo.

Peter rabbit was also given to the Delaney family from a breeder who had also read Mylo’s story. The family are ever so grateful and thankful to the kind hearted people who helped.

Many people follow the life of Mylo on social media. Mylo was born very prematurely and spent a large number of weeks on the ICU unit of Burnley hospital. Stevie and Myles understood the hard work and dedication from all the staff and realised how hard it can be to find premature clothing, such as hats, nappies etc. So thats where MYLO & FRIENDS CHARITY was started and is a recognised and registered charity. This family have helped so many other families by donating premature baby bags to the hospital. They even donate hundreds of selection boxes on christmas eve along side their friends.

To Mylo who has a form of autism and under the care of many different doctors, the bunnies are his life. Bringing him routine and love for his animals.


“Peter is a member of the family. He isn’t just a pet”.

Stevie said

“Everyone should have a rabbit”

They are great for all the family, Not to mention great in a child’s development of understanding how to love and care for a pet.

Peter is a true character and a gorgeous bunny.


Wether he is just chilling on the rug with his family.


Sitting next to Loki in the twin pram, going off on outings and adventures.


Eating fresh strawberries.


Which he seems to really enjoy.

Stevie said ” Peter isn’t like a normal rabbit. He’s more like a human. He sulks at you, he loves to have a bath and eats like a horse. Peter is litter trained, loves his cheese butties and also has a love for a digestive biscuit. When we are going out in the car, Peter rides shotgun. Making everyone else sit in the back”

Peter is a gentle giant. It was only right that i shared this little story with you all. So you can meet him. To also read about Why Peter joined their home. And why rabbits are important to Mylo and his development.


Sarah Crawford – The love local site 

If you have a story to share please email me at – or alternately check out the contact me page on this blog. 



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