Heroic duo clean up popular shortcut.

In the small town of Rawtenstall lives 2 amazing heroes.

Heros called Alfie who is 8 years old and his grandad Paul who is 57.

Why are they Heroes?

After heavy downpours and bad weather, the steps behind Rawtenstall Tesco’s became a mess and a danger to walk down. Mud and dirt covered the steps and path. This popular footpath is used by many locals who live around the Hall Carr estate. The footpath is sloped and contains steps. But after bad weather and no clear up, Alfie and Paul decided to take it upon themselves to clean up the walk way to make it clearer and safer for locals to use. Leaving a positive impact by many. The path has been used as a shortcut to the local supermarket for many many years, But due to all the bad weather, they became rather dangerous.


The footpath was a mess and dangerous to walk down, due to risk of slipping.


Covered by dried up grass, twigs and stone, mud, sludge and other stuff dragged down from the surrounding embankments.

Little Alfie and his grandad Paul decided enough was enough. And got hard to work.


Starting from the top of the steps and working their way down, Alfie and Paul worked extremely hard for around 5 days while Alfie was on his easter holidays from his local primary school Balladen.

 Alfie’s mum Kirsty Fellows had this to say,

“I’m so proud of my son Alfie and my dad. Alfie and his amazing grandad and role model. They are always trying to do something good from countless charity events to raising money and cleaning up projects. Alfie is in the proses of growing his hair to donate it to help some one with alopecia. He’s an amazing boy and as he says all the time. “I’m going to make the world a better place” and I have no doubt that he will”

As you can see Kirsty is one proud mum.

 Kirsty’s sister and mum shared what her nephew and dad were doing. Once people saw the shared post about what the pair had done, It was shared hundreds of times.Paul’s wife Beverly is also just as proud of her grandson and husband. With locals passing the pair while they were hard at work, thanking and congratulating them on all their hard work. Paul suffers from a bad back, yet worked hard and fought through and the pair were both tired at the end of each day. Still they continued until project clean up was completed.


Alfie looking proud at all his hard work.

The pair worked hard and even created a gully at the side of the footpath to try and prevent future flooding of the path in the future.

Alfie said

 “I wanted to clean up so no one got hurt and I’m very proud of myself and glad it’s safe. I plan on planting some bulbs with my sister on a plot of land somewhere next and i have also asked for litter picking equipment for my  birthday. I hopes everyone enjoys it and keeps it clean”

You can see the hard work and dedication that has gone into the selfless act. If it wasn’t for these two local heroes then the steps will just get worse over time.

 Thank you Alfie and Paul. Your amazing act of kindness has pleased more people than you may think. Its a great thing you both have done. Your Such a remarkable boy Alfie, i hope your very proud of yourself. Your a little Hero. To Paul for being such a great positive and helpful role model.You have both made a massive difference.

Sarah crawford 

Have you got a story to tell? please head over to the contact page and get in touch.

Photos sent in by Kirsty Fellows.  


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